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Welcome to our DoJang

  1. Please pick up your attendance card from one of the plastic boxes on the front counter and take it into class with you. When you line up for class, the Instructor will collect the attendance cards. The cards will then be marked by a staff member and returned to the boxes. This way we have a record of your attendance.
  2. New students are invited to attend beginner’s classes. We recommend two to three classes a week. Check the class schedule to see which classes fit our needs.
  3. Your tuition payments are our only source of income to operate and improve the school for your benefit. We need your cooperation to keep the school running smoothly, so please pay on time.

Guidelines for Showing Respect to Yourself

  1. Bow as you enter and leave the school building, and when entering and leaving the Do-Jang (training room). Bowing is part of our training and is an international natural body language that you respect yourself and others. Another way we show respect and discipline is by saying “Yes, Sir.” and “No, Ma’am.”
  2. If you arrive to class after it has begun, enter the Do-Jang and wait on your right knee until the Instructor places you in the class. Do not leave class without the Instructor’s permission.
  3. Whenever you approach your Instructor to address him or her, first bow and then speak politely.
  4. The following are prohibited in the Do-Jang: shoes, smoking, eating, drinking, chewing gum, intoxication, bad language, arguing and horseplay.
  5. Always wear a clean uniform to class and NO JEWELRY.
  6. When sparring, full sparring gear must be worn at all times. When sparring, use maximum control.
  7. Senior belts should set a good example by showing respect and helping lower belt students. Lower belt students should always show respect for their senior ranking students.
  8. Do not demonstrate or teach Martial Arts outside the Do-Jang without the expressed permission of your Instructor. Never degrade the Martial Arts or the reputation of the school.
  9. You must have permission from your Instructor to participate in any tournament or other Martial Arts activity. All awards will be displayed at the school.
  10.  Please bring your own water and maintain the facilities clean as possible, always pick up after your self.
Confidence Consistency Cooperation Focus Goal Leadership Respect Responsibility Self Control Sociality

Guidelines for Children’s Behavior at Home.

Be honest and always obey your parents at first time, answer with “Yes, Sir.” or “No, Ma’am.”

Keep a positive attitude.

Clean up your own room, study everyday to maintain an A-B average, and try to eat only healthy food, not junk food. Drink water after the Taekwondo class.

Develop wining habits.

When you set a goal, never give up. Practice Martial Arts everyday and picture yourself reaching your goals. Dream of the day when you will become a BLACK BELT.

Become a winner

Develop The Winning Habit

  • Set an ultimate goal then develop short-term goals that will help you achieve it. Once you set your goals, you must take action in order to reach them.
  • Set a long-term goal to become Black Belt, and a short- term goal to become a yellow belt. Attend class and practice hard to be ready for your first test. Once you reach this first level of achievement, you will be on your way to success.
  • Setting and achieving goals is the best way to build self-confidence and become a winner.

Preparation for a colored tape tip, which indicates you are ready for Yellow Belt, After attending 6 classes, after end of the each class you will be given a preliminary exam to see if you are eligible for the proper color tape tip. Be sure you have a good attitude and strong burning desire. Once you earn your 3 – 4 tape tip, you will be qualified to take the next scheduled promotion test for the YELLOW belt.

Before each testing you will be notified if you are eligible to take the test. A list of the eligible students will also be posted in the Do-Jang. Each person on the list must pick up an application at the front desk to register for testing, and V.I.P. tickets so that your family and friends can witness the testing. Testing application and fee must be turned in by the due date in order to remain eligible.

Check the school schedule to see the date of the next promotion test. GOOD LUCK & BEST WISHES!


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