What is this place?

DoJang is a term used in Korean martial arts, such as taekwondo, Kuk Sool Won, and hapkido, that refers to a formal training hall. It is typically considered the formal gathering place for students of a martial art to conduct training, examinations and other related encounters.

Do(道) means 'the way' or 'art' and Jang(場) means 'a place'. Which makes DoJang the place where one practices the way. In the case of martial arts it is the place where one practices the path of that martial art, much like Dojo in Japanese. More specific terms such as "hapkidojang" or "taekwondojang" can be used for particular subtypes of DoJang. The word Dojang (道場) originates from Buddhism. The DoJang is a place where meditation and practice takes place in the temple.